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We’re kicking off a brand new series in our children’s ministry called Blast Off. It will help kids learn four spiritual habits that will help them grow in their faith. We’re going to have a blast learning and growing together! These next four weeks we will be focusing on DISCIPLESHIP.




Today's story can teach us something really important about how we can launch our faith in God to new heights. But I need your help to find out what it is! Come join us to see what the book of Luke 10:38-42 about spending time with God



This week were are turning to the book of Mark 2:1-12. The man in this story needed to meet Jesus, but he couldn't get to Him! Not only was the house where Jesus was teaching completely full, but this man wasn't able to walk. Let's see how we can grow our faith too!




Have you ever heard news that was so great that you couldn't wait to tell someone about it? Have you ever seen something so amazing that you just had to tell someone about what you'd seen? This week were going to look at Peter and John in the book of Acts



Just like Paul said, God has given you gifts that you can use to serve others! When I say "gifts," I don't mean new LEGO sets, dolls, or video games. God has given us even better gifts than that! Let learn how to give others great gifts!

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