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our pastor:
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Stephen Hause



I'm so glad you have decided to look into Melwood a little bit further.  I'm Stephen, the pastor here at Melwood Church of the Nazarene.  My wife, Debbie, and I moved here May of 2019 with our two teenage sons Christian (18) and Andrew (16).  Debbie and I have been in ministry now for 16 years, and during that time we have served in positions, not in any particular order, ranging from: pastor to the Deaf, youth ministry, compassionate ministry, associate pastor and now lead pastor.  


During our short time in the area pre-COVID we took time to explore the area, meet some new neighbors and really get the full DC experience.  Since the beginning of COVID we have been working hard as a church family to learn what it means to be in meaningful community in the new world we find ourselves in now.  We are not discouraged or shaken by our current situation because we know that God brought us here for such a time as this, and we fully lean on Him to give us wisdom to navigate the complex culture in which we currently live.


I'm excited you are interested to find out more about Melwood!  If you would like to connect with me for coffee or to ask questions about our church you can call my cell: 443-359-8053.  Yes this is my direct cell number.  This is not a front office number or other monitored line.  We love people here at Melwood and we look forward to being able to talk over the phone or a cup of coffee according to your comfort level.

Glad you are checking us out and hope to hear from you soon!



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