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Kids love to be in the kitchen and with Thanksgiving right around the corner they are sure to be whipping up some delicious treats! However, before we begin preparing a dish, we need to have a plan or a recipe. This helps us prepare the food we hope to enjoy.


Stories of the Old Testament prophets are like a cookbook that helped people prepare for the Savior that God would send one day. Even though there’s no exact recipe, kids will find that they can prepare themselves for a loving relationship with God when they 1) trust God, 2) talk to God, 3) listen to God, and 4) leave the results to God.

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Week 1: Nov 7

This week, kids hear about how God prepared Elijah and the widow at Zarephath during the famine in I Kings 17:8-16. When we look at Elijah and the widow we can see how their actions demonstrated TRUST in GOD.

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Week 2: Nov 14

Turn with us this week in the book of Samuel to hear the story of a woman named Hannah and how God preparedHannah for a baby when she prayed. We can learn to TALK TO GOD as Hannah did when we have desires set on our hearts too. 

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Week 3: Nov 21

Our Big Idea this week is to "Listen to God." Which prophet do you think we will learn from this week? Join us to hear who is awaken in the night to listen to God's voice!

Week 4: Nov 28

Even though we will not be hosting BASECAMP this week, we encourage you to gather with the whole family and "complete the recipe" with the prophet Jeremiah's story. Share with your kids about how God prepared the people for a Savior. 

Sing it!


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Discuss It!

Reflect It!

Memory Verse

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