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Week 1: October 3

We are encouraging base-campers to open their Bibles to learn about Job's faithful walk with God. For the next several weeks, we are going to hear stories about a man named Job who endured many trials. What is it like to walk blameless or with integrity. No matter what comes our way, God is always bigger than any problem we may face!


Week 2: October 10

This week when we look into the life of Job, we will discover and identify with some of the feelings Job was experiencing. ​At this point in our story, Job has been through a lot of tough stuff. Come join us to find out how Job shared his feelings and how you can too!


Week 3: October 17

Have you ever wondered why something happened to you? Job did too! This week we are examining the questions Job asked God, and how God answered Job. You don't want to miss how we will learn to trust God because He sees the BIG picture even when we only see a small portion of the picture.

Week 4: October 24

This is our last week of looking into the life of Job. How do you think our story of Job will conclude? How is God going to help Job with his problems? Come join us to see how God blesses Job for his faithfulness through a very challenging time.

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